Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Another excellent session at GOLDBOX Gym.

How cute and happy everyone looks before a workout

A big open room full of heavy toys to lift, yank, throw, snatch, and climb. And just like a kid at a candy shop, we gobbled it all up and powered through like we were on a sugar rush! haha

We began with the compulsory speech on what will not be tolerated, which usually boils down to "Do as I say, or I will smash you!"

My patience stretches up to this much

Derek trying to lighten the mood after by showing us one of his racy cha cha moves.

The forbidden dance

A warm-up to Music? In Air-conditioning?... Where are we? What is happening?

You knew it had to be too good to be true. Nothing could save anyone from the inevitable smashing that ensued.

Don't be fooled, he's crying on the inside. She's not faking it.

When it hurts so good.

Smile through the pain

The rare time we have music to workout to, Navy joins in with their own harmonies.


Our beloved Rob came rocking his signature tomato mask.

I wouldn't wear that here Rob, NAVY has a tendency to SMASH Tomatoes!

Obayda auditioning for NavyDXB resident gymnast.

Thanks for not breaking your neck, Obayda... I don't know if we're insured for acts of 'oh my Gaaawd!'

Thanks to GOLDBOX Gym for letting us use their amazing space, and thanks to our friends and family that always come out and give it 110%

Guys please use comments below if you have your own pictures to share!

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