Here is the itinerary for the Amazing survival camp that you will experience


Thursday 18th of February

At 7 pm we will meet at our meeting point which we will share once we have put you in the final group!

We will arrive at the beautiful farm at 7 45 pm!

Will take your phones away from you, so you can really enjoy your time there and live the moment!


We will split you into groups, some of you will start with the experience one of the most amazing activities in the dessert, a big Buggy with a professional driver that will rise the adrenaline level to it’s max!!

Some will be playing volleyball but with the Navy land’s rules that will enhance the joy and laughter to its max!


And some of you will play fun games that will make you a child again!

We will alternate until we have all experienced everything


Then the best time to treat the belly with a variety of different foods:
Hot dogs
Vegan options
And more 🍎🍊🍉

After the food coma, we will do our amazing introduction, we will get to know every person in this amazing evening!


Followed by an entertaining show, and finish it with a movie night 🎬

Wake up at 6:30 am to experience one of the most organic live cooking experience, with the MasterChef Abdul himself. #FoodPoisonin “joke”


Followed by an easy desert walk, enjoying the beauty of the nature and having moments of silence

After that you will experience one of the most amazing safari in the middle of the dessert


We will go back to the farm, treat our bellies again with amazing live cooking by the hand of the REAL master Khaled.

After the food coma, we will tickle your brain. You will have to work as a team to solve the puzzles 🧩


6pm we go back to Dubai with a lot of happiness, joy and fulfillment!

I ❤️ what I 👀